How Transactional Analysis Can Help Your Organisation Adapt To Change

Change can affect people in different ways. Many people fear change. There is safety in consistency and routine. When people face change that they have not instigated they can feel threatened; anxiety can cause many people to feel unwell and cause their stress to levels rise.

55% of people who went through organisational change suffered with chronic stress according to the American Psychological Association (2017). Acas (2019) Online states that; ‘change is generally seen as negative’ and goes as far as to say that ‘employees feel their jobs are under threat’.
Transactional Analysis considers the unconscious process and can be used to support people in recognising their own patterns of behaviour that may hinder themselves and/or others.

Catherine Parker Solutions Ltd. offers 1 to 1 support, or support to groups of people, to help them to better understand their processes. This can prevent negativity breeding in the workplace, thus helping to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

The UK L&D Report 2018 statistics

The UKs 100 top performing businesses with an increased turnover took part in an in-depth analysis and survey.

34% said that the biggest challenge a L&D department faces is a limited budget. The full report can be found at here.