Bring your training in-house to gain control and minimise expenditure.

Already have internal training but it’s falling short of KPIs? We can support your internal training department to increase efficiency and gain compliance with external awarding bodies

‘The most common impact of conflict is that people find it stressful, closely followed by a drop in motivation or commitment’ CIPD (2015)

We specialise in bringing teams together through training programmes designed to engage the delegates on a psychological level by using Transactional Analysis as the foundation

Transactional Analysis can be used to support change management by helping teams to successfully adapt to fast changing environments

Clear policies and robust internal procedures are at the heart of a compliant organisation and are essential in ensuring consistent behaviours, decisions and avoiding litigation. Our team specialise in writing these and inducting existing and new employees for a smooth transition

Tailored executive coaching for leaders to improve business performance. Executive coaching can help unleash hidden potential, overcome everyday hurdles, increase self awareness, clarify goals and help you focus on your business and business objectives. Using transactional analysis tools we can target key issues and support you to achieve!

With over 15 years’ experience of teaching in the health and social care sector we can support your business to remain compliant by providing a bespoke training package to suit your service needs